Top 5 Street Wear Brands for a Perfect Date in America

Top 5 Street Wear Brands for a Perfect Date in America

Today a large portion of fashion industry dedicated to the urban lifestyle, as it evolves as the new generation. Street wear has come a long way and urban styles have reached even the red carpet from the streets of the Bronx, the kick ass. Most of the fashion designers and brands now collaborating with lots of celebrities who love street fashion and promoting their street wear designs for the people who love to wear street wear. Usually street wear may vary according to the place and season, many brands offer this street wear in different models and trends, but there are some particular trends and brand that most of the people in the US will use to prefer for their date or for a party or for some other occasion.

Look at the top street wear brands that will definitely worth checking out it:

Born x Raised:

This is of the leading brand which is more about the culture as much as the clothing it sells. Many rappers and celebs widely support this brand with the likes of dilated peoples, evidence and prodigy. The black and white theme on the clothing of this brand are recognizable old English font with its bright red rose graphic. Brand’s Message- give respect and some real Lovin to where you are Born x Raised .

Billionaire Boys Club:

Billionaire Boys Club is the most popular urban wear, a mix of American vibe and Japanese style. This is particularized by Nigo’s Bape with its bright graphic sweater and shirts. Billionaires Boys Club extended its reach by following the trends and focusing on the designs which are as varied tastes for street fashion emerges. It is also home for Bee Line, Pharrell’s collaboration and soon to be launched a clothing line.

Dear Dana:

Dear Dana is the perfect urban outfit for artwork lovers and the person who can think anything creatively, it is comfy and perfectly suits for casuals. Because of the pop icons and celebrity sketches on their white tees make these to become an iconic brand. This brand also sells towels and bandanna apart from the clothing.


Eddie Cruz spearheaded the lifestyle brand of undefeated, its 5 streaked branded clothing line is attracting many people and it is collaborated with a number of celebrities and many top most fashion companies. The collaboration in the undefeated collections includes Adidas, Nike, Bape, Neighborhood, Supreme and Patta.


It is the Luxury brand and a strong street wear brand and also tagged as one of the emerging menswear according to a famous magazine. It has everything from footwear, headgear, shirts, sweaters and jeans, so it is a complete fashion line from head to toe.

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