The Popularity of Women’s Urban Wear Brands

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The Popularity of Women’s Urban Wear Brands

Now todays fashion is more relaxed and diverse than on history. You can find brand names, which can high priced or copies that fit most budgets. Fashion is widely available to all of us, so anyone can dress fashionably. No matter what town you live in, because if there is not a store nearby that sells what you require, you can just go online and find more collections of urban wear.

Mentioned below briefly on the most trendy clothing in women’s urban wear.

Baby Phat Lines Clothing

Today widely available and most fashionable is baby phat clothing lines. It was originally started by Russell Simmons and called as Phat Farm clothing. For women and girls, Baby Phat is an urban fashion line with clothing, which also includes accessories such as jewelry, shoes and even accessories for phones.

Experience the Style and Comfort

It can be worn by anyone of any size or shape and the line is very trendy and fashionable. As any of the other styles in this line, the “plus size” is just as unique and elegant. This design makes everyone experience the style and comfort. They can even wear as medical uniforms that comes as a scrubs and lab coats with cool prints and designs. Those are called Baby Phat scrubs and are worn by hospital and doctor staff but can also be worn just for comfort.

Popular Fabulosity

Whether it is a pair of hip-hugging jeans, an adorable little dress or even a sassy jump-suits, you can find everything that is trendy and “phat”. The fragrance line is delighted and gives popular fabulosity.

This clothing is worn by millions of people all over the world and can always be recognized in the crowd. The Baby Phat line is always classy wearing and it’s completely comfortable. You can get this line in some of your favorite stores or more easily in online. To fit almost any budget, they are offered at reasonable prices.

Some of the urban fashion brand names are listed, which are designed for girls.

Apple Bottoms

This is one of the manufacturer among very few manufacturers of girl’s fashionable plus sized clothing. It has created its own signature in women, urban fashion wear. Along with urban wear products, it also designs, manufactures and sells boots, eyewear, accessories, intimates, and handbags.


Lei is one of the popular clothing brand names uniquely for women. Usually the collections in this brand are fashion items and accessories, which is going to make sure to feel and look a lot more feminine for their age.

The outfits in this brand are designed to showcase the natural feminine figure and also to enhance the way women usually put on clothes.

Shopping this kind of urban wear clothing, can make your wardrobe trendy.

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